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Customer Response #849

Hi Bev:
I just put the polka dots on my daughters wall and she loves them.
Thanks for all your help, I will be buying more when I finish painting my other daughters room.
B Williams
London England

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Customer Response #627

Hi Karen:
After talking to you  about the patterns about a month ago, I have since ordered a couple for Thanksgiving. Your help was really appreciated.I am new to this and I need all the help I can Get.  My Husband  does  not want to do it so I  am going to attempt to make them myself.
Much Thanks
L Smithers
Orlando FL

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Customer Response #589 


I ordered some Halloween patterns from you a few days ago and they arrived this morning. The patterns look very easy to copy and we will be ordering  some Christmas patterns from you as soon as we decide what displays we want on our front lawn.
S.  Renning
Seattle Washington

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Customer Response #432 

Hi There

I just want to say how impressed I am with your delivery. I took receipt of my order this morning and as I live in England to say I was impressed is an understatement. Thank you again and I hope that everything turns out well.

R. Burn
Whitley Bay, England

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Customer Response  #566

To pattersRus:

Your web site is the coolest I've seen! My kids love to watch it. Good Job !

June Hayes
Porter, Texas

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Customer Response

Hi PatternRus
The patterns we ordered were fun to make - the new 3D reindeer and sleigh look awesome. Thanks for  your support. We will be ordering more soon.

Sam Duncan
Prescott Arizona

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Customer Response

Hi Karen:
This is the fourth  order for patterns from your company and our front lawn is getting quite full. We really enjoy making and displaying our achievements - Now we need to start ordering for Halloween so we can do it all over again! Please send us your latest catalogue. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Brian Young
Hueytown, Alabama

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Customer Response  

Hi Dennis
We made the full set of Santa's Village for our front lawn. This year we need to order the elves to put in front of our village. These plans were a real fun project to make. Keep up the good work. Please send a new catalogue

Judy Mathas
Cyclone, West Virginia

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Customer Response  

Dear Christmas Creator
WOW - what a happy site you have created. Isn't it weird how you come to find different spots on the internet. I was looking for glass eyeballs working my way to rubie costumes and found you ! You are of interest to me simply by the nature of your company being founded in Christmas. My business as well is Christmas orientated - we set up artificial Christmas trees for various retailers across the country.Just wanted to say "nice job" on the web site.!

Sandra Busking
Ju Sans & Assoc. Inc.

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Customer Response # 17

Hi Christmas Creator:
I would like to express my thanks for your patterns, we have been looking for this for a long time.
We have not made the Elves yet. Looking forward to making them this summer.If we have any problems or questions we will give you a call.

N Brownie
Detroit Michigan

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Customer Response # 34

Thanks for your reply:.
We took your advise for installing Santa & Elves in our yard & lit
up with spot lights on either side. We get a lot of people driving by our house & it's fun to watch kids and adults enjoying our displays & lights. We have sent you a picture of our home all lit up.
Looking forward to next Christmas season so we can do it all again.

Thank you
T Bally
Toronto Ontario

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Customer Response # 67

I worked all summer cutting & painting Halloween cutouts. We are the first people on the block to start making our Haunted House. Hope the kids will like it, Looks good to us.

V Willis
Billings Montana

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Customer Response # 99

We made a Mr. & Mrs. Snowman with the patterns you sent us. We took your advise & used
a high gloss paint to finish them off. We can't thank you enough for your help.We will be ordering
more later.Could you please send us a copy of your latest catalogue We will be adding new
scenes for years to come.

Thank you:
F Douglas
Seattle Washington

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Customer Response # 93

Thanks for your patterns, We have already made the displays & they look great. We will be putting
them up in my yard next week. We will be ordering more patterns in the future. We'll send you pictures just after Christmas.

Have a Happy Holidays Season
L. McNally
Arlington Texas

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Customer Response # 124

Just a quick note letting you know our displays turned out quite well. Could you please send
another catalogue as I lent mine to a friend & never got it back.

P Stewart
Portland Oregon

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Customer Response # 127

I am looking for some new display ideas. Have you got any more for this year & if so could
you please send me another updated catalogue. Really enjoyed making the Nativity Scene.

S Lourey
Dallas, Texas

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Customer Response # 135

I received the catalogue this morning. Thank you for the quick response. The whole family
has enjoyed going through the pattern catalogue trying to decide what to put on our front lawn. It will
probably take us a couple of  more days to come up with some ideas. I will be ordering from you

in a few days.

P Awsley
Orlando, Florida

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Customer Response # 171

Hi Dennis:
Received the new catalogue yesterday. I love the new patterns. I will order soon.
P.S. The nutcrackers are just what I am looking for

G Cran
Boise Idaho

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Customer Response # 189

Hello Christmas Creator:
Your patterns are better than I expected. They were very easy to copy and make. They turned
out super. Lots of traffic by our house, we put a blue spot light behind our nativity scene for a
great effect, any suggestions for palm trees?

D Fowler
Tucson Arizona

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Customer Response # 201

Merry Christmas
Our lawn is full of Christmas cheer with all the Christmas characters. We bought some plastic
displays for our lawn as well as making some of our own.The nice thing about making our own
is that  nobody else in the neighborhood has the same scenes as ours. We are very pleased with
the way they turned out. The neighbors, friends, and Christmas lovers are all enjoying our front yard.

Have a Good Christmas
H.  Kristie
Irvine, California

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Customer Response # 206

To whom it may concern:
Our whole family is making the new Christmas cutouts. We received the order in the mail a
couple of days ago. My husband rushed down to the lumber yard & bought plywood & paint.
We can't wait to see how they will turn out. Even Jason, our 6 year old is undercoating the
cutouts. This is a lovely family project. I'll send you an Email to let you know how they turned out.

T. Sally
Perth, Australia

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Customer Response # 227     
I just arrived at your site and haven't even looked around yet, but I had to tell     you that whoever put this together did a fantastic job. All the little Christmas characters and music put a big smile on my face and made my day. I really love it ! Gonna go now and look around and see what you have to offer. I just wanted to let you know that your creativeness has made someone's day brighter.
Shallotte, NC

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Customer Response # 264     
I have spent a great number of hours surfing the web looking for patterns needed to build our float. I must tell you  - - Your web site is by far the best I have visited. Very user - friendly and absolutely inviting. Congratulations! You certainly have a site you can be very proud of. We look forward to doing  business with you. You are a great inspiration.
Spotsylvania, VA

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