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 "can be used over & over again"

4 Large Sheets  18" X 24"   $11.95

2 GIANT Sheets  covers full sheet of plywood 4 feet by 8 feet   $15.95          Great for LARGE projects

Frosty Walking & Talking


Size:24"W x 40"H
Cost: $9.95

Frosty with Broom & Pipe

Size: About 5 FEET HIGH
Cost: $12.95

Snowman in front of Fire


Size:35"H x 32"W
Cost: $8.95

Mr. Snowman

Size: 27"W x 36"H
Cost: $8.95

Mrs. Snowman

Size: 22"W x 36"H
Cost: $8.95

Jolly Fellow

Size: 29"W x 40"H
Cost: $9.95

Frosty on His Way

Size: 29"W x 40"H
COST $9.95

Man/Woman Snowman
     man&womensnowmen2.jpg (10104 bytes)

SIZE: 30"Wx35"H
COST $7.95
4 Singing Snowmen

      4singingsnowmen2.jpg (9760 bytes)     

COST $9.95

 Snowman Measuring Snow
COST $12.95
Snowman Family #1

            snowmanfamily2.jpg (8214 bytes)
COST $7.95

Snowman With Fiddle

             snowmanwithfiddle2.jpg (8567 bytes)
COST $8.95
Cuddling Snowman
        cuddlingsnowmen2.jpg (8414 bytes)   
COST $8.95
Snowman Family #2

            snowmenfamily2-2.jpg (9343 bytes)

COST $7.95

This Snowman Looks Cold


Size:23"W x 36"H
Cost: $8.95

Snowman Christmas days
(includes all the numbers so you can change them daily)


Aprox: 35"W x 35"H
COST $8.95


Abominable Snowman - Bumble

Size: About 48"H
COST $10.95

Reindeer  for Abominable Snowman




Size: About 48"H
COST $7.95

Snowman on the Ground



SIZE:24"H x 6 feet long
COST $9.95

3 Playful Mice Set B

Aprox: 25"W x 25"H
COST $8.95

3 Playful Mice Set C

Aprox: 20"W x 25"H
COST $8.95

3 Playful Mice Set D

Aprox: 20"W x 25"H
COST $8.95

2 Playful Mice Set E


Aprox: 21"W x 25"H
COST $6.95

3 Playful Mice Set A

Aprox: 20"W x 26"H
COST $8.95

Christmas1.jpg (4409 bytes)

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