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 "can be used over & over again"

4 Large Sheets  18" X 24"   $11.95

2 GIANT Sheets  covers full sheet of plywood 4 feet by 8 feet   $15.95          Great for LARGE projects

Elf With Sign


Size:30"W x 30"H
Cost: $8.95

Here Santa Is Bending Over The Edge Of The Gutter. Measure The Distance From The Ground Up To Your Gutter For Height. The Elves, & Reindeer Are Passing Up The Presents, The Next 3 Items Are designed To Reach The Top Of Your Roof, They Stand On Top Of Each Other For A Great Display.

Santa On Roof

Size:35"W x 72"H
Cost: $12.95

3 Elves

Size: 30"W x 72"H
COST $16.95

Extra Elf


Size: 29"W x 30"H
COST $7.95

Reindeer & Bag

Size:35"W x 72"H
Cost: $11.95

Santa Looking In Window



Size: 50"W x 48"H
Cost: $9.95

Santa Reclaims Christmas

#GR 480
SANTA About 6 feet H
GRINCH About 4 feet H
nuts and bolts included

COST $21.95


Rudolph with Gifts


Size: 47"H x 34"W
COST $8.95

Mrs Claus & Friends Fence Peeker Peeper

Size: About 19" - 25 " High
Cost: $12.95

Santa Claus & Friends Fence Peeker Peeper

Size: About 21" - 25 " High
Cost: $12.95

Rudolph at North Pole

Size: 35"W x 32.5"H
COST $8.95

Santa & Sleigh

Size: 47"H x 35"W
COST $9.95

Santa & Bag

Size: 34"H x 38"W
COST $8.95

Santa Kneeling
we also have this smaller, let us know


Size: 40"H x 44"W
COST $8.95

Jolly Santa

Size: 38"H x 48"W
COST $8.95


Mr. & Mrs. Claus



Size: 61"H x 36"W
COST $12.95

Santa on Fence


Size: 35"H x 40"W
COST $8.95

Santa in Bag With Balloons

Size: 30"H x 48"W
COST $8.95

Santa Waving 1


Size: 35.5"H x 45.5"W
COST $8.95

Santa Waving 2

Size: 31"H x 48"W
COST $8.95

Santa In Chimney


Size: 30"H x 44"W
COST $8.95

Santa's Band

     SANTASBAND2.jpg (17543 bytes)   

COST $10.95
Kissing Santa

 KISSINGSANTA2.jpg (15678 bytes)

SIZE: 41Wx34"H
COST $8.95
Santa,  Large 6 Feet

SIZE: about 6 feet high
COST $12.95

Santa Greetings


 santagreetings2.jpg (11792 bytes)

SIZE: 35"Wx43"H
COST $8.95

Santa's Christmas List

  santaschristmaslist2.jpg (11085 bytes)        

COST $8.95

Santa Christmas Days
(includes all the numbers so you can change it daily)

SIZE: 35"Wx47"H
COST $8.95
Santa on Roof
(roof not included)

SIZE: 34"Wx74"H

COST $16.00

Santa On Roof Elf

Elf  is below Santa catching the presents that fall

SIZE: 28"Wx22"H

COST $8.00
Santa Climbing Corner Wall

SIZE: 78"H

COST $16.00

Santa  Bite



SIZE: 38"Wx36"H

COST $8.00






SIZE: 27"Wx47.5"H
COST $11.00


Santa Cross Legged

SIZE: 35"Wx61"H
COST $9.95

Santa With Snowman

         santa&snowman2.jpg (12807 bytes)     
SIZE: 35"Wx38"H
COST $7.95

Santa & Rudolph


Size: 40"H x 35"W
COST $8.95


Father Christmas


Size: 47.5"H x 17.5"W
Cost: $7.95

Santa Head


Size: 45"H x 48"W
COST $8.95

Santa Stuck in Snow


Size: 35"H x 47"W
COST $9.95



Singing Reindeer

Size: 35"H x 32"W
COST $8.95

Many patterns can be custom sized to fit your display, please contact us direct


 There may be an extra charge.

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