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 "can be used over & over again"

4 Large Sheets  18" X 24"   $11.95

2 GIANT Sheets  covers full sheet of plywood 4 feet by 8 feet   $15.95          Great for LARGE projects

Penguin Skating


Size:21"W x 24"H
Cost: $5.95

Penguin Enjoying The Winter Wonderland


Size:19"W x 24"H
Cost: $5.95
Penguin Passing a Candy Cane


Size: 26"W x 24"H
Cost: $5.95
Penguin Waving


Size: 25"W x 24"H
Cost: $5.95
Penguin Hanging Wreath


Size: 19"W x 28"H
Cost: $5.95
Penguin Ready to Go Skating


Size: 23"W x 24"H
COST $5.95
Penguin with Presents


Size: 22"W x 24"H
COST $5.95
Rabbit Skating On a Pond


Size: 16"W x 20"H
COST $5.95
Penguin with Stocking


Size: 23.5"H x 18"W
COST $5.95
Christmas Goose


Size: 17"W x 20"H
COST $5.95
A Rabbit & Raccoon


Size: 19"W x 20"H
COST $7.95

Seal Playing in a Band



Size:16"W x 20"H
COST $5.95

Kangaroo Reading Santa's List


Size: 28"W x 36"H
COST $7.95

Walrus Playing the Fiddle


Size: 23"W x 30"H
COST $6.95

Mouse Making Out Wish List



Size: 27"W x 24"H
COST $6.95

North Pole Penguin

 northpolepenguin2.jpg (13978 bytes)    
# A401
SIZE: 42"Hx36"W
COST $8.95
3 Penguin Greetings

3penguinsign2.jpg (17874 bytes)


COST $8.95

Singing Penguins   

# A403

SIZE: 36"H x 31"W
COST $9.95

Stacking Penguins   



# A404

SIZE: 5 feet High
COST $9.95

Penguins Decorating Tree



# A408

SIZE: 6 feet"H
COST $14.50

Singing Penguins
 With Igloo

# A407

SIZE: 24"H
COST $9.95

3 Penguins Carolling

# A406

 SIZE: 33"H x 28"W
COST $9.95

Penguins Gift Exchange   

# A405

SIZE: 24"H
COST $8.95


Christmas1.jpg (4409 bytes)

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